Mr. Roy Christensen started his career as an Alberta Red Seal Journeyman and “B” Pressure Welder in 1986. Later, he worked as a Pressure Welder in Denmark. After obtaining a Welding Engineering Technology (WET) Honours Diploma at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in 1990, he worked as a Non‑destructive Examination (NDE) Technician, Third Party Inspector, and Welding/Coating/Civil Pipeline Inspector. In 1997, Mr. Christensen founded CQI. Since 1998, he has worked as an Inspection Supervisor, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Coordinator, and Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) Coordinator with engineering and procurement (EP) companies for oil and gas, pipeline, and other projects. In 2018, Mr. Christensen founded the KT Project. Mr. Christensen saves organizations significant time and money by providing key resources for successful project execution (supply and service) and leveraging knowledge transfer.

The KT Project provides key resources for suppliers, EP companies, their clients, and others. Mr. Christensen is a prolific author with specialized expertise in a variety of technical topics. His work can be found in many publications and media forums, including the AWS Welding JournalCanadian Mining MagazineCanadian Heavy Oil Association Blog, Canadian Institute for Non-destructive Evaluation JournalEnergyNow, Engineering News‑RecordInspectioneeringJWN Energy, KT Project, Oilman Magazine, and WELD Magazine.

He is also author of numerous instructions, manuals, plans, proposals, reports, specifications, and other documents that continue drive project success for many clients in energy and other industries.

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