About Founder

Roy O. Christensen helps capital projects in energy and other industries save money and time by implementing best practices for knowledge transfer and project communication. Roy’s >35 years’ experience as a Welding Engineering Technologist, authorship of countless technical guidance documents (i.e., instructions, manuals, plans, proposals, reports, and specifications), and founding of the KT Project (2018) generate and sustain profits and success for valued clients. 

Roy has decades of experience as a Pressure Welder, Non-destructive Examination (NDE) Technician, Third Party Inspector, Welding/Coating/Civil Pipeline Inspector, Inspection Supervisor, Factory Acceptance Test Coordinator, and Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) Coordinator for energy and other industrial projects.

He is also a prolific published author who shares specialized technical expertise in media forums and publications such as the AWS Welding Journal, CHOA Blog, CINDE Journal, Engineering News-Record, EnergyNow, JWN Energy, Inspectioneering, KT Project, LinkedIn, and Oilman Magazine. Today, to stay current with industry, Roy is an SQS coordinator for a major multi‑national engineering and procurement (EP) corporation. This informs him of changing industry trends and requirements, and supports resolving challenges with affordable, modern, appropriate solutions. 

Roy integrates and summarizes practical experience and vast knowledge of project solutions into the KT Project. It is the foundation upon which Roy delivers solutions. The KT Project comprises key documents (best practices and guidelines) that support the successful delivery of projects in energy and other industrial projects (e.g., industrial, infrastructure, mining, and power). The signature KT Project guideline is its comprehensive >700-page Glossary of Common Industry and Project Terminology. This document is the first glossary written specifically for capital projects; it defines thousands of common abbreviations, acronyms, phrases, and terms. Finally, KT Project deploys knowledge transfer strategies to facilitate the effective and efficient transfer of knowledge between advancing, departing, and incoming professionals that save valued clients significant money and time.

To learn more, download our free resources at ktproject.ca/downloads or read Roy’s published articles at ktproject.ca/articles/.