A Pipeline’s First and Best Defence

A pipeline’s first and best line of defense against corrosion damage is the external coatings.   Coatings are only one of many methods, technologies, and practices used to ensure pipeline integrity from design and construction to operations, maintenance and retirement.[1] Fusion … Read More

Free Resources for Inspection Knowledge

Education is an ever-important part of a successful career, but your education is not finished after obtaining a diploma or degree; the secret is that your learning should never stop. Taking business or technical training courses is always an option, … Read More

Tips for Awesome Excel Printing

Do your Excel files print-out into un-formatted pages that require rework? Do your clients and co-workers cringe when you send an Excel file that they need to print for analysis or use? For an example of how a print-out that … Read More

The Ultimate Skills Challenge – Pipe vs. Plate Welder

Sixteen factors that should be considered to determine a welder’s skill level are reviewed This article was published by the American Welding Society (AWS) in the December 2015 Vol. 94 No. 12 edition of the Welding Journal. https://www.aws.org/publications/weldingjournal

How to Achieve FAT Success for Your Oil Sands Project

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is used to verify equipment compliance to project requirements and specifications INTRODUCTION When an internet search reveals limited results, it may be for one of two reasons.  The first is that few people are interested in, … Read More

Tried and True or Better and Truer?

There are IT solutions for SQS that are better and truer than shared folders and MS Excel INTRODUCTION Shared folders and MS Excel spreadsheets are tried and true, but there are information technology (IT) solutions for supplier quality surveillance (SQS) … Read More

More Tips on Tipping and Claiming Meal Expenses

Here are more tips for meals that are a business expense and getting reimbursed INTRODUCTION The article How to Tip Your Server at a Restaurant offers excellent advice about tipping.  This includes information about international norms and provides an easy … Read More

Quality Matters

Quality Definitions for EP Projects Several quality-related terms are often used interchangeably by engineering and procurement (EP) projects and their clients or suppliers to describe various activities, but in fact, these have different meanings (e.g., Quality Assurance/Quality Control [QA/QC]).  This … Read More