For Project Success, Say and Write What You Mean

The Project Management Institute’s report The Essential Role of Communication revealed that ineffective communication has a negative impact on project success >50% of the time. So, why make it difficult for others to understand what you mean? Related: Successful Projects … Read More

What Reading is Essential for Your Career? A Glossary!

Introduction Reading is a known career advancement strategy. Self-directed reading is key to earning and maintaining professional credentials. Daily reading has many benefits including increased knowledge and reduced stress, and comprises varied approaches, such as the: Renaissance Learning method (15 … Read More

Supplier Quality Surveillance Before and After COVID-19

Inspection strategies have not changed but inspection considerations have. COVID-19 is an infectious virus that was first identified in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. Its spread has become a global pandemic. The COVID-19 virus outbreak is a human tragedy that directly … Read More

Is Your Project Using the Master Keys to Success?

Words are the master key to successful communication. Communication is the master key to successful projects. According to the article What Are the Causes of Communication Failure?, three (of four) causes of communication failure are related to the use of … Read More

We Need Smart Boots More Than Smart Phones

Projects need to work smarter with fewer resources but will always need boots on the ground. The Engineering News-Record article Three Industries That Are Helping Drive Construction Companies Forward makes interesting observations about how companies working in the energy sector … Read More

A Pipeline’s First and Best Defence

A pipeline’s first and best line of defense against corrosion damage is the external coatings.   Coatings are only one of many methods, technologies, and practices used to ensure pipeline integrity from design and construction to operations, maintenance and retirement.[1] Related: … Read More

Free Resources for Inspection Knowledge

Education is an ever-important part of a successful career, but your education is not finished after obtaining a diploma or degree; the secret is that your learning should never stop. Taking business or technical training courses is always an option, … Read More