Free Resources for Inspection Knowledge

Education is an ever-important part of a successful career, but your education is not finished after obtaining a diploma or degree; the secret is that your learning should never stop. Taking business or technical training courses is always an option, but the time and resources may not always be available to do so. This is especially true if you travel for business or work in the field or out of town.

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Many websites offer informative articles with interesting topics and new ideas. You can bookmark or subscribe to free publications that interest you. Keeping on top of new subjects and information is a good use of time when your energy level is low, the time available near the end of the day isn’t conducive to starting a demanding job or new task, or just for something to do on a Friday afternoon.

See my go-to list in Table 1 below with free resources for inspection knowledge. The Excel file with hotlinks can be provided on request.


This article was originally published on LinkedIn 5-Jun-18

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Roy O. Christensen is a Welding Engineering Technologist who has over 35 years’ experience with O&G, pipeline, and other projects. He has authored countless instructions, manuals, plans, proposals, reports, specifications, and other documents that continue to drive success for many projects. He is the founder of the KT Project that saves organizations significant money and time, by providing key resources to leverage expert knowledge transfer for successful project execution.



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