“The use of acronyms without explanation or similar terms to mean different things is a problem I have encountered several times. For example, an inspection and test plan (ITP) may be used for a test that is performed repeatedly, as a check list of items to be routinely documented and verified during production. The ITP and routine testing can mean one thing in that context, but these phrases can also mean different things in other contexts. One must be aware of the possibility of misunderstanding whenever purchasing or supplying products. Better yet, it is recommended that terminology is always defined to avoid misunderstanding in the first place.”
Kristin Barlund
P.Eng, PMP, Substation Engineer Stantec
“What a great platform and composition Roy! I especially enjoyed reviewing How to WIN Supply Chains and INFLUENCE Projects with KT Project Resources and KTP e-book #2, Successful Projects Need Effective Communication. You have really built something of value with your KT Project. I have been exposed to clients in the past with a severe communication disconnect between quality and supply chain management. This is a critical missing element where I have seen insurmountable consequences. The KT Project will most definitely help the quality/SCM relationship.”
Jay Enright
Country Manager RINA
“While at Three Streams Engineering Division (now part of the amalgamation of Amec Foster Wheeler and John Wood Group PLC) during 2012 to 2016, Roy Christensen authored many instructions, procedures, specifications, and other documents. These documents are still in use today and continue to provide helpful resources for our project teams, that now include over 60,000 people world-wide. I also enjoy reading the technical articles that Roy has authored in many publications and media forums, including the AWS Welding Journal, CINDE Journal, Inspectioneering, and LinkedIn. These are also very informative and interesting.”
Robert (Bob) Davis
QS Coordinator Lead Three Streams Engineering Division
“Roy was an integral member of the Quality Department Team at Tartan Canada Corporation (now a part of Stuart Olson’s Industrial Group). He was brought on to support the consolidation of three Quality Manuals into one, and develop new procedures and forms. Together this documentation supported a Quality Management System to construct, alter and repair pressure piping and equipment in the four Western Canadian jurisdictions (i.e., Technical Safety BC, ABSA, TSASK and ITSM). Along with his exceptional technical writing skills, Roy also brought technical expertise in non-destructive examination techniques. Roy worked equally well on his own advancing the progress of the documentation and collaboratively with myself and the team. His attention to detail and consistency improved the quality of the QMS documentation. He understood the main audience of the documentation and ensured that the documentation was written in an appropriate style. It was a pleasure to work with Roy who loves to share his knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.”
Allison Zukewich
“Roy created and managed a comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) program for the Kearl Oil Sands project from the ground up. While coordinating FAT, he also developed the plans, logs, instructions, and forms needed to ensure FAT was conducted according to project requirements. The FAT program forged alignment between project and supplier stakeholders and provided them with the documents and information needed to conduct FAT. The efficient work processes, pre-FAT meetings, and standardized terminology were key to clear communication, concern identification and resolution, and rework reduction. Roy’s creativity and vision resulted in countless successful FAT, at world-wide supplier facilities, that satisfied project objectives for cost, quality, safety, and schedule.”
“Roy Christensen’s dedicated and professional approach to all areas within and beyond his role as the APPL supplier quality surveillance (SQS) coordinator were appreciated. The APPL SQS program was very successful, with all inspections completed as planned. The numerous issues that arose during production at supplier facilities were each managed and resolved by his clear communications to the project team and suppliers, using his experience and leadership. He handled an innumerable variety of issues in an efficient and professional manner. His management of the budget estimate and inspection resources was excellent. With his guidance, we had adequate funding for the resources needed to complete all the planned requirements, as well as the additional requirements that he keenly anticipated. His attitude and willingness to assist both me and the project team whenever required was also appreciated.”
Stanley Cichacki
RET, Project Quality Manager APPL Pipeline Replacement Project
“I have known Roy Christensen since 2012, when we both worked at Amec Americas Ltd. (now part of John Wood Group PLC) on the Kearl Oil Sands Project. With over 35 years of experience in Oil and Gas, Roy is a knowledgeable subject matter expert with significant practical and working experience in project execution. In 2018, Roy founded the Knowledge Transfer (KT) Project and is now a premier provider of guidelines for the supply and delivery of successful projects. The main product is a comprehensive suite of about two dozen documents for owners, EP companies, suppliers, and others. These resources improve communications, increase understanding, and provide best practices that strengthen supply chains. More than this, KT Project documents offer cost-saving tactics and effective strategies that, if followed, virtually guarantee project success. The content is cohesive, and organized into logical, clear, bite-sized chunks. Document prose is instructive, no-nonsense, and written such that anyone can understand it – the reader need not be an expert. Dozens of Key Knowledge rubrics summarize very important concepts that are must-haves for any project. Finally, the KT Project provides over 1,000 industry-specific abbreviations, definitions, and terms, which are an excellent up-to-date reference for today’s projects. KT Project documents are required reading for professionals who are serious about project success in Oil and Gas, and other industrial sectors.”
Derek Rosner
Director Textrix Inc.
“Communication is a burning issue that plagues project management. The KT Project glossary is an impressive trump card that will benefit any project.”
Robert Blaskowski
Project Manager Industrial Construction